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Five-Star Fitness has around 80 fitness classes, which is the most diverse class selection in Will County. To see class times, simply visit our ONLINE CALENDAR page.  To find out how to enroll in a class, call Five-Star Fitness at 815-439-9900.


5STARclasstimes_logo2A PERFECT BLEND:

Truly a Perfect Blend of 30 minutes of Zumba and 30 minutes of toning exercise using light weights. This class is designed to boost metabolism and keep your calories burning late into the night. Great for all levels of fitness.


Belly Booty Blast focuses on strengthening and toning the abdomen and muscles of the backside.


Boot camp is a unique type of exercise using joint movement and full body exercises to burn maximum calories, increasing metabolism that last for hours after the workout is done and at rest. It uses exercise to enhance body function and increase fitness efficiency. This class is for all levels so you can challenge yourself at your own pace.


Booty camp is to tighten all regions of the lower body and core in this toning class. This class really hits those target areas! You will perform a combination of intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning. This an excellent class to slim your waistline and sculpt your glutes.


Butts and Guts works on the abs and oblique areas as well as the glutes. Exercises during this class aims to target these areas to both tighten and tone.



CARDIO: Participants will improve cardiovascular endurance and lower body strength in this stationary cycling class.


CARDIO: This class features intervals of strength and toning between cycling.


CARDIO: This cardio class we do hi-lo workouts routines. It’s a cardio blast burning calories, and strengthens cardiovascular system to your favorite dance music. All fitness levels are welcome.


The Full Body class is strength training using a variety of equipment intervals of fun and challenging cardio drills to keep you motivated and moving. This full body workout utilizes weights and cardio to maximize your workout.


CARDIO: Kickboxing has kick, jab, cardio, strength all rolled together in a one-hour, high-intensity workout. Participants will perform kickboxing moves choreographed to motivating music. This workout burns calories and builds strength and endurance. It’s a great way to make you sweat, tone, and have fun at the same time. Great for all levels. No previous kickboxing required.


CARDIO: This class features a combination of High and Low intensity cardio moves choreographed to music to build endurance and burn calories.


CARDIO: This High Intensity Training class features muscle conditioning and cardio training.


Pilates strengthens core postural muscles, improves flexibility, teaches breath awareness and spinal alignment.


PiYo is fun and challenging full body workout combining both Pilates and Yoga inspired movements. Exercises in this class are faster pace, helping to burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch.


CARDIO: This choreographed Step workout burns calories and focuses on toning the legs and Gluteus.


CARDIO: This is a choreographed step workout followed by the instructor’s choice of muscle toning/conditioning exercises.


This Strength workout targets all major muscle groups, dumbbells, bands and various equipment. It improves muscle strength and endurance.


In this class, participants will use fitness equipment to improve strength, stability, and flexibility as well as boot metabolism to help burn more fat calories. You will learn proper form and technique. All fitness levels welcome.


In Total Body Strength, participants will work with a variety of weights for toning and strengthening. This class concentrates on the whole body.


Total body tone includes full body workouts. The workouts target the major muscle groups of upper and lower body. Plus strengthen your core from all angles. This will include weights.


Yoga classes feature traditional Hatha-based yoga for the mind-body experience. These sessions improve flexibility, increase strength and help to reduce stress.


The Yoga Level 1 class is for those newer to yoga. This class is taught at a slower pace. While still being challenged, you will learn basic yoga poses and learn to relax the mind and body.


The first half of this Yoga-Pilates class concentrates on core, the second half concentrates on stretching and final relaxation. Great for all levels.


CARDIO: Zumba gets your Booty shaking, hips swinging and body toned. The Latin and modern dance rhythms feature interval training sessions where participants follow fast and slow rhythms. The rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Come have a super fun time in this one-hour class with nonstop smiles. Great for all levels, no dance experience necessary. This class is just a lot of fun!


This class has a little of everything. Participants will do 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and toning, and 20 minutes of core and more. Each class is a little different. Are you ready for a challenge?


Participants use the hydraulic machines for 75 seconds then do cardio, tone, balance or strength in between for an additional 75 seconds. The workouts change every class.


CARDIO: This class is 50-percent cardio and 50-percent strength and toning.

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