Jessie Monreal



Personal Trainer


  • NASM certified
  • CPR and AED certified
  • One on one training
  • Group training
  • CADC certification
  • Associates degree in Addiction Studies

Personal Info:

  • Moraine Valley graduate
  • Full time case manager at a treatment center
  • Proud mom of an amazing 9 year old
  • Live in Frankfort with my best friend and our kids
  • Aspiring writer

Training Philosophy:

I truly believe in the connection between the physical body and the mental and emotional state. Getting involved in fitness and weight training in 2014 literally changed my life. I wanted to lose a little weight, but soon found that the benefits to my mind kept me invested. I was truly amazed to find that my longtime struggles with anxiety began to ease. This is what gave me the drive to become a trainer… I believe if you find a way to overcome something difficult that others may be struggling with, you should share that with anyone you can!

Beyond this, as someone who works in the mental health/human services field, I have experience in understanding how to recognize the behaviors we want to change…and then make those changes happen.

Motivational Quotes:

I believe that each person’s unique needs and goals determine how we will work together to create the best plan. To me, it is more about collaboration, motivation, and personal growth, than locking in on a specific type of training. Let’s get started on helping you becoming your best self!